Bidirectional Current Transducer 929


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  • Isolated Measurement
  • Closed Loop Design
  • ±1.0% Accuracy (±2.0% for 50A & 75A)
  • 1u-second Response (10% to 90%)
  • Low Power (8mAdc Maximum)
  • 0.75” Diameter Thru-hole
  • Frequency DC to 350kHz
  • Reverse Polarity & Short Circuit Protection
  • Moisture and Humidity Resistant

Product Description

Model 929 Bidirectional Current Transducer provides an isolated 0 to ±5Vdc output proportional to the DC input current.  The transducers have an input current range from ±50Adc to ±400Adc and the transducers withstand, without performance degradation or damage, a continuous overload of ±5000Adc.

The 929 Series delivers performance accuracy over a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and measures input current with a frequency range from DC to 350KHz.  The transducer’s operate with a supply voltage from +10Vdc to +34Vdc, produces the specified output within 1µ-second and are low powered.  The unit’s molded construction and internal epoxy encapsulation creates a durable transducer, withstanding environments of moisture, humidity, vibration, shock and altitude.

The 929 Bidirectional Current Transducers are light weight and are available with a barrier, connector or d-sub connector interface, with the connector and d-sub connector options available with mating connectors.

  • Rail Traction Motor Monitoring
  • Industrial Equipment Monitoring
  • Lab Test Equipment
  • Bidirectional Power System Monitoring

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in
Current Range

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Supply Voltage


Input Diameter

Housing Material

Frequency Range

DC to 350kHz

Supply Type



Current Drain

8mAdc Max

  • Attitude: Works in any position.
  • Mate Connector: 6282-5SG-311 MFG Conxall. Mate D-Sub Connector: 3322 MFG. SPC Technology
  • Specified accuracy includes the combined worst case effects of Zero Offset, Temperature, Hysteresis, Supply Swings and Current Cable Positioning.
  • Recommended mounting hardware; #6 screw, #6 split lock washer and #6 flat washer. Torque Maximum 10 in-lb.