Modern, Automated Production Facilities

All our production facilities are located at our corporate headquarters in Farmingdale, New York, are designed to increase productivity, reduce cost, and enable a fast turnaround.

Because of our in-house fabrication capabilities, standard products can be usually delivered within 2 weeks. We also have the capabilities to make minor modifications of off-the-shelf designs. Custom designed products may also be delivered in as little as two weeks from the date of approved prototype and receipt of a purchase order. All of our products are 100% designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA.

In addition, our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities include rapid in-house PCB fabrication for short runs of first article custom designs. Our surface-mount and thru hole automated soldering capabilities enable us to produce highly reliable, cost effective products. We can also provide conforming coating for high humidity or condensation prone applications and encapsulation or potting for high shock and vibration applications. Our products utilize either plastic or metal housings to provide both light weight or ruggedized products suitable for any environment.

At AAC, we also design and build our own magnetics. We have both bobbin and toroid winding capabilities and the know how to incorporate. Ultrasonic and optical sensing technologies may also be integrated into finished product designs.

AAC products are subjected to sub-assembly testing throughout the manufacturing process to assure highest reliability. Every product we sell is power and temperature cycled, as well as subjected to shock and vibration testing. Additional application oriented testing is available for military, commercial aviation, rail, and other markets. Each unit we make is manufactured to ISO 9001 and AS9100.

Vertically Integrated Process

  • Incoming part inspection
  • Pre-Production Validation
  • PCB Assembly
    • Surface Mount Automation with Programmable Solder Reflow Oven or
    • Thru Hole, Large Component Assembly
  • Magnetic Device Manufacturing
  • In-process Electrical Test
  • Encapsulation or Conformal Coating
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Environmental/EMI/Vibration/Electrical Test of Completed Part

Our manufacturing process is fully integrated into corporate operations through an advanced ERP system, in order to provide reliability of delivery and overall quality.