AC Current Detector S212


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  • 3 point isolation
  • Operating temperature from -55°C to +70°C
  • 360-440Hz operation
  • 3/8 inch pass-thru hole
  • Polarity protected
  • Automatic reset
  • Rugged powder coat finish

Product Description

Model S212-850 AC Current Level Detector provides an effective, accurate and reliable solution to monitor AC current. A conductor wire is routed through a 3/8 inch thru-hole which provides non-intrusive and isolated means to measure the desired current. After the measured current reaches the applicable trip point, the relay closes. A high precision internal reference guarantees repeatable operation. The detector has trip point set to 0.5Aac with 100Aac of nondestructive current carrying capability.

The S212-850 Series delivers accuracy over a temperature range from -55°C to +70°C and operates with a supply voltage from +24Vdc to +32Vdc. The unit’s powder coated steel housing, with the internal components encapsulated creates a rugged and durable detector.

The S212-850 AC Current Detectors are available with a header, barrier or connector interface, with the connector option available with mating connector.

  • Monitor electrical heaters coils
  • Monitor electrical motors

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in
Input Diameter

Supply Voltage

Housing Material


Supply Type


Current Range



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Attitude: Works in any position.

Weight 16 0z. Max. (1 oz. Mating Connector)

Mate Connector: TYPE PT06A-10-6S or equivalent