Our Commitment To Our Community, Staff and Customers

American Aerospace Controls Inc. (AAC), like most, is concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak. This note outlines the measures we are taking at AAC to safeguard our people and to ensure the continuity of services throughout this period so as to minimize the impact on our valued customers.

We monitor closely, and base our safety measures upon, the recommendations from federal and state health authorities, as well as international authorities, including the World Health Organization. We applaud the efforts of NY Gov. Cuomo and the various state staff to “flatten the curve”. In particular, we have restructured our processes to comply with Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.6, which includes a requirement to reduce the number of staff present in the building at any one time to 50% of normal. This is achievable for us without impacting our obligations to our customers.

While there have been subsequent Executive Orders effectively closing most businesses in New York State, there are exemptions for essential businesses. As we are providing defense and national security-related services and equipment supporting the U.S. Government or a contractor to the US Government, we are exempted from these orders. However, we will comply with EO 202.6 and reduce our staffing levels to 50%. This achieves the best balance to ensure the saftey of our staff while maintaining our ability to support our valued DoD and DoD contracted customers.

We would be pleased to respond to any questions you may have.